This page is devoted to solving the numerous mysteries that we come across in the course of tracking our ancestors. All this information is regularly updated as we receive new data. To register your mystery, send the details to Dashper X Files and hopefully someone will have the vital clues you are seeking. Be sure to always check this page for any new developments.

Xfiles #33 (posted by Rosemary Morley on 9/08/2012  from UK)

FOUND: Photos of Dashpers House in Paignton

Xfiles #32 (posted by Mark Dashper on 9/12/2009  from Warkworth, New Zealand)

"What happened to Alfred William Dashper (practicing Solicitor)  after he emigrated to New Zealand?"

Xfiles #31 (posted by Mark Dashper on 26/3/2008  from Warkworth, New Zealand)

"Dashper heroic rescue unearthed"  

Xfiles #30 (posted by Mark Dashper on 10/2/2007 from Warkworth, New Zealand)

"Dashper voyages around the world"   Update

Xfiles #29 (posted by Mark Dashper on 1/9/2006 from Warkworth, New Zealand)

"The Dashper Minstrel known as 'Tambo' in
South Africa".  Update

Xfiles #28 (posted by Linda Etty on 14/3/2006 from Hamilton Ontario, Canada) 

"Dashper mystery men in Canada"  

Xfiles # 27 (posted by Mark Dashper on 13/01/2006 from Warkworth, New Zealand)

"Postcard to Miss Dashper the day before War broke out"   

Xfiles # 26 (posted by Mark Dashper on 6/11/2005 from Warkworth, New Zealand)

"Convicted, sentenced, deported, then disappears!"     

Xfiles #25 (posted by Deborah Young on 25/3/2005 from Illinois, USA)

"Dashper Doll discovered"  

XFiles #24 (posted by Mark Gilbert Dashper on 24/5/2004  from Warkworth, New Zealand)

"MISSING TORQUAY MAN . . . last seen with Gipsies"!   Picture update   

XFiles #23 (posted by John C Dashper on 10/10/2002 from UK)

Four legged Dashper on the way to the Olympics? 

XFiles #22 (posted by Mark Dashper on 1/06/2002 from Hastings, New Zealand)

Mystery cruise ship passengers   

X Files #21 (posted by Judith Kimber on 22/11/2001 from UK)

Who was Mabel Dashper (age 19yrs)???  

X Files #20 (posted by Linda Etty on 12/11/2001 from Hamilton Ontario, Canada)

Seeking Susan D Dashpar 

X Files #19 (posted by Gloria Beek on 23/5/2001 from Ottawa, Canada)

The Railway Accident  Update and 'new' photo

X Files #18 (posted by Dave Salsbury on 17/5/2001 from Plymouth, Devon)

The Orphaned Dashper girl

X Files #17 (posted by Mark Dashper on 8/2/2001 from Hastings, New Zealand)

"Dashpers" novel by Flora Thompson is discovered

X Files #16 (posted by Dave Salsbury on 4/10/2000 from Plymouth, Devon)

A skeleton in our closet! (The tale of the Slaver's Curse)

X Files #15 (posted by Richard Dashper on 11/9/2000 from Warkworth, New Zealand)

An ancient photo I have always carried in my wallet

X Files #14 (posted by Gloria Beek on 30/7/2000 from Ottawa, Canada)

The strange case of Rufus Duzeper and his coat of arms

X Files #13 (posted by Mark Dashper on 31/7/2000 from Hastings, New Zealand)

Dashpers' ancestors reference in biblical prose?

X Files #12 (posted by Martin Dashper on 19/7/2000 from Essex, UK)

The Dashpers House search  

X Files #11 (posted by Gloria Beek on 19/7/2000 from Ottawa, Canada)

Ford Street Tavistock numbering mystery

X Files #10 (posted by Judith Kimber on 9/6/2000 from UK)

Agnes Dashper at the Tavistock Workhouse, and William Henry Wilks

X Files #9 (posted by Gloria Beek on 26/5/2000 from Ottawa, Canada)

The Mystery of the Dashper Residence at Lanes End, near Peter Tavy

X Files #8 (posted by Linda Etty on 17/4/2000 from Hamilton Ontario, Canada)

Johanna Dashper's grave at Mary Tavy and the Hawkin Gate Shop

X Files #7 (posted by Gloria Beek on 14/3/2000 from Ottawa, Canada)

Johanna Dashper's wooden leg

X Files #6 (posted by Peg Deal on 9/3/2000 from United States of America)

Pictures of my grandmother Elizabeth Dashper

John and Emma Hill Dashper and John Dashper's amputated arm

X Files #5 (posted by Linda Etty on 28/12/1999 from Hamilton Ontario Canada)

The mystery of Susannah Dashper's marriage

X Files #4 (posted by Jack Dashper on 4/3/2000 from Camden, USA)

The oldest living Dashper 

X Files #3 (posted by Barbara Dashper of Surrey, UK, backdated from 7/2/1990)

Dashpers House 1600, the wine bottle of RC Dashper 1816, and Dashpers Lane

X Files #2 (posted by Richard Paterson Dashper on 26/2/2000 from Auckland NZ)

The Dashper kidnapping

X Files #1 (posted by Mark Gilbert Dashper on 29/2/2000 from Hastings, NZ)

Gilbert Dashper: searching for the missing link

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