Dashper X Files #28


X Files #28 (posted by Linda Etty from Hamilton Ontario))

On the 1911 Canadian census there are two Dashpers that cannot be traced from England.   I don't have any events for either of these Dashpers in Ontario (BMD) so they may have moved on.

Here are the entries:

1. Bernard Dashper age 26, birth date Feb. 1885, England
lodger,single, immigrated 1905
living at 119 Pruden, Fort William, Ontario  (Now called Thunder Bay).

2.George Dashper, age 35 birth date March 1876, England
lodger, married, immigrated 1895,
occupation-watchman theatre
living Hamilton East., 134 Cathcart St.

Who are these Dashper men,  what brought them to Canada, and what became of them?

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