Dashper X Files #23


X Files #23 (posted by John C Dashper from the UK)

Four legged Dashper on the way to the Olympics?

How about this for a relative?


Dashper on his way to Australia  Tuesday, August 27th, 2002

Husref Malek will be reunited with Dashper on 9th September when his eventing horse is due to fly out to Australia from Singapore. Dashper has been stabled at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club, Singapore, under the care of Alla Poloumieva. The grey enters quarantine this week at the Jurong Quarantine Station, and will fly out with other racehorses on 9th Sept. Husref is based in NSW, riding and training with Australian Eventing Olympic gold medallist Stuart Tinney.

“Adelaide is very important for me and doing well there may secure my chances for Athens. Dashper would be ready to start this his first show this December and I cant wait to be competitive with him.”   [ http://equestrian.com.my/news/2002/08/27/546,ed26,03a5a0.html ]

Equine Dashper

X Files #23 Case Solved 10/10/02  (Julian Dashper, from Auckland, New Zealand)

This horse’s name has its origins in New Zealand. Watch this space for more details - - -

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