Dashper X Files #6

X Files #6 (posted by Peg Deal on 9/3/2000 from United States of America)

Pictures of my grandmother Elizabeth Dashper; John Dashper's amputated arm

(a) "My grand mother (Elizabeth Dashper - born: 8/10/1877) died from the complications of child birth when my mother (Mary Elizabeth Jackson) was born (7/11/1909). There have never been any pictures of her that we know of.... I would dearly love to see one, if anybody has it!!"

(b) "REGARDING JOHN AND EMMA HILL DASHPER: John Dashper was a carpenter and I understand that he had a partially amputated arm. They lived in  Dobbinsville and then  Christiana (PA or DE?)  John is  buried in St. James Cemetery in Wilmington and Emma Hill Dashper is buried in Riverview Cemetery,Wilmington."

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