Dashper X Files #18

X Files #18 (posted by Dave Salsbury on 17/5/2001 from Plymouth, Devon)

"The case of the Orphaned Dashper girl"


"I found a Parish Overseer's record for Eggbuckland which contained two records relating to a Mary Ann Dashper. Her parents were John and Mary Dashper described as 'dead'. Presumably the Parish was responsible for Mary Ann, now an Orphan and apprenticed her first to Thomas Sobey - Yeoman in 1832 and then to Thomas Atwill in 1834, presumably as a Domestic Servant. Mary Ann was aged 10 in 1832 (Born 1821/1822).   It is possible that she was a later daughter of John Dashper and Mary Tall. From memory there was a Cholera epidemic in Plymouth in the early 1800's, possibly John and Mary succumbed thereto.   I have to send the photocopy in four pieces as the register pages were quite large." (17/5/2001)

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"I have a marriage listed for a Mary Ann Dashper in 1849 in Plymouth. Will send off for the certificate and see what it says. I also have a record of a death of a Mary Dashper in Eggbuckland on 23 Nov 1826. I donít have a John though." (Judith Kimber 18/5/2001)

"Went into the West Devon Record Office today - found the birth of Mary Ann - the Orphan.   Mary Ann daughter of John and Mary 2nd September, 1821 - father's occupation Blacksmith (was he working for or with his father?)." (Dave Salsbury 24/5/2001)

"Judith's on the trail - whilst searching for her (Mary Ann's) parent's deaths (which I didn't find) there was confirmation that people died from Cholera in the 1830's - one footnote to a recorded stated 'this coffin must not be opened for at least 50 years as the death was due to Cholera'. " (Dave Salsbury 25/5/2001)

Talk about "6 degrees of separation"!! [Alison was investigating her Glynn relations on another side of the family when she found this]
I was just reading your Dashper X Files No 18 - and I find mention of my GGG Uncle Thomas Sobey (1801-1865) as the man poor Mary Dashper was apprenticed to. I do hope he was kind to the poor child - fancy being an orphan and sent off to work like that.  (Alison Wolf  20/09/2003)

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