Dashper X Files #3

X Files #3 (posted by Barbara Dashper of Surrey, UK, backdated from 7/2/1990)

Dashpers House 1600, the wine bottle of RC Dashper 1816, and Dashpers Lane

(a) "In 1960 there was a house in Brixham , called 'Dashper House' and dated 1600. "

"Went to Brixham today and consulted "the man who knows it all" - Tony Morton - Treasurer of the Historic Brixham Society.   Dashpers House was renamed in the 1920's to Summerlea House, by 1949 it had been split into a number of Flatlets. It was demolished in 1964/1965, since which a Housing Estate, the Eden Estate, has been developed on the property and grounds thereof. About 50 houses have been built, which indicates how much ground was attached to Dashpers.   I think I have solved the gruesome mystery, as Tony produced two newspaper cuttings. This mystery was also the subject of a BBC1 TV program on the 7th October, 1994.    

I contacted the BBC but there was no video made of the programme, although I might be able to view it if I went to Reading or London.   I also contacted a Mr Ivan Parsons this evening, he is a Historical Photographer specialising in Brixham, but he does not have a photo of Dashpers House." (see also Dashper X Files #12)

(b) "I possess a wine bottle with the mark: 'R.C.Dashper. 1816'. I always understood that people did not have their own wine bottles unless they were of some standing."

(c) " In 1963 there was a road called 'Dashpers' somewhere in England."


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