Dashper X Files #10


X Files #10 (posted by Judith Kimber on 9/6/2000 from UK)

Agnes Dashper at the Tavistock Union Workhouse, and William Henry Wilks

"I have today received copy of birth certificate for William Henry Wilks (my great grandfather) and he was born on 29th October 1841.  His mother was Agnes Dashper (probably daughter of William and Agnes) and her address when she registered the birth on 11th Nov 1841 was Union Workhouse, Tavistock.  The father's name is given as William Henry Wilks, musician.   I looked for a William Henry Wilks Dashper born 1841 but there was none registered. That is why I got the certificate for William Henry Wilks.   I have in my possession the marriage certificate for (his son)William Henry Wilks Dashper and he gives his father's name on that as William Dashper, musician.  I can only assume that when asked his father's name he said "William" and the registrar assumed it to be Dashper.   I have yet to research whether in fact Agnes Dashper did marry a William Wilks or was it just a passing flirtation which went very wrong!!!"


X Files #10 (Update from Linda Etty and Gloria Beek on 12/6/2000 from Canada)


The Union Workhouse on Ford Street, Tavistock

"The Workhouse now looks like apartments. It says House of Charity and presently has been all remodelled and used as ritzy flats today. A woman explained to us how the workhouses operated.   Anyone living in a workhouse gave all their pay to the owner of the workhouse in exchange for lodging and food.  One of her relatives lived in such a workhouse and conditions were very bad. Unscrupulous owners of course would cut costs to make more money."


X Files #10 (Update from Alan Longbottom @ Pudsey Co-Listowner of the Rootsweb UK-WORKHOUSE-HOSP List on 30/6/01 from UK)

RE your comments about workhouses:

The lady did not tell you the correct story. Persons who were in workhouses did not have any pay; they were paupers living on the poor rates. Most workhouses were not owned as such but were run by Boards of Guardians appointed under the Poor Law Acts. Have a look at www.workhouses.co.uk

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