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There are many excellent Websites for doing further research on your Dashper Genealogy. Here are some of the sites that we find most helpful. We would appreciate feedback on any additional sites that you would like to suggest, to add to our list. Sometimes the sites or links change . . . please tell us if you spot any incorrect ones. (This is a great site for searching out particular ancestors, by leaving a message for others who may have vital knowledge for you to use. You need to check the listing every six weeks or so to see if anyone has replied to your message.) (A useful site to generate detailed maps of the streets your ancestors lived in. Use in conjunction with the Census details if appropriate, and hope that the roads are still there. We found Ford Street in Tavistock very easily (where a number of Dashpers lived in the same street in the 1851 Census). (The Commonwealth Graves Commission has made a magnificent site which is a tribute to the soldiers who died in the Wars. There are five Dashpers here, with family information, and plenty of details on the places they are buried. In Memory of : Sapper Frederick Dashper, Private William John Dashper, Sapper F Dashper, Wing Commander Robert Bruce Dashper, and Craftsman Herbert Dashper. "We will remember them.") (The Mormon Genealogical Site is the most comprehensive site we have seen for researching on-line, and you don't have to be Mormon to use it. They have very good search facilities, and there are plenty of Dashpers on there if you look hard enough. They also have their own linkages to other Internet sites, and many of these are worth noting for contacts in the UK especially). (must be one of the most established websites for free genealogy. A predominately USA focus with millions of pages) ( links to thousands of sites - this could be the only URL that you will ever need)  (Public Record Office, England, has the 1901 British Census on-line) (A good referencing site with hundreds of links for books, a list of Email researchers who will find data for you, maps, current information, and heaps of useful resources).  ( Historic maps of areas in the UK can be found on this site)  (Modern maps of the UK)

Other sites not yet reviewed ( send us a review if they are useful): (Ireland National Archives) (City of London pictures and church histories) (All UK sites, county information, etc) (Society of Genealogists, London) (National Library of Scotland) (Society of Australian Genealogists) (New Zealand Society of Genealogists, has printed genealogy forms you can download)

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Last revised: May 30, 2005