Fredrick Benjamin Dashper and Ann Thorburn


Biography of Fredrick Benjamin Dashper

Military Record

DASHPER, P/O Frederick Benjamin (J17211) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.61 Squadron - Award effective 1 July 1943 as per London Gazette dated 13 July 1943 and AFRO 1724/43 dated 27 August 1943. Born in Winnipeg, 1920; home there; enlisted there 7 March 1941. Trained at No.2 ITS (graduated 22 August 1941), No.12 EFTS (graduated 22 October 1941) and No.5 SFTS (graduated 16 January 1942). Commissioned 1943.

This officer has completed a large number of operational sorties involving attacks on some of the enemy's most heavily defended targets including Berlin, Bremen, Duisburg, Milan, Turin, and Spezia. On one occasion during an attack on Essen he flew low enough to enable his gunners to attack searchlight and anti-aircraft posts. By his careful pre-flight planning, skill and determination he has contributed greatly to the successes achieved.

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