Common mis-spellings of DASHPER


Daspher (this has to be one of the most common and most annoying, muddling the "h" and the "p")

Dasher (also commonly mis-spelled without the "p" and also annoying)

Dashber (some people are hard of hearing)

Dasper (commonly mis-spelled without the "h")

Dasler (goodness knows where this one comes from, could be reference to bright or brilliant?)

Dashpert ( pert [a.] forward, saucy, in speech or conduct.)

Bashber (from our more violent side of the family?)

Dhasper (of Eastern origins)

Dashberry (a fruity relation in our family tree)

Dash (a fast spelling)

Cashper (derived from our wealthier relations)

Dashbourgh (obvious corruption of borough [n]: area with privileges conferred by royal charter)

Dashford ( a hasty river crossing by wading;   kids --- don't try this at home!)

Daspuer  (the angelic side of our family are now thought to be extinct) 

Dashpur (the cat lover side of our family) 

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Last revised: Feb 14th, 2012