Albert Bailey Dashper and Mary Mitchell


  Albert Bailey Dashper

Back row:  John Dashper, William Henry Dashper, and Albert Bailey Dashper
Front row: John Dashper, Thurza Bellchambers Dashper, Esther  Dashper (nee Shearing), and  Esther Lucy Dashper

 John,  Albert Bailey,  William Henry,  Esther Lucy, and Thurza Bellchambers Dashper

   Albert Bailey Dashper (centre) in 1946 at his daughter Cecily M Dashper's wedding.
Margaret Cecily Burtenshaw (daughter of Esther Dashper) is the bridesmaid in front of Albert Bailey Dashper.

   The wedding party 1946

Christine Dashper is the young child being held by her mother Florrie Dashper. John  Stanley Burtenshaw is the little lad in the front row, his mother and sister to the bride Esther Thurza (nee Dashper) Burtenshaw is just visible behind the lady standing next to John, groom Mr Andrews, bride Cecily M Dashper, next to her brother Albert Mitchell Dashper,  and standing to his right Albert Bailey Dashper.  The bridesmaids (left to right)  are (unknown), and Esther Thurza's (nee Dashper) children Patricia Mary Burtenshaw,   Margaret Cecily Burtenshaw, and Cecilia Esther Burtenshaw.

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